Donation and Free Pick-up Terms & Conditions

Thanks for thinking of us for donating your Op Shop goods. Before you load up a bag or box, please read this list of items we can't accept at our Op Shops.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept goods that are in poor condition and unsaleable. Anything we cannot sell ends up having to be disposed of, which comes at a significant cost to Cancer Wellness Support. We are also unable to repair damaged goods in order to make them saleable. Thanks for your understanding.

N.B. You can book a free donation pickup here.

We are unable to accept the following:

Lounges sofas or beds that:

  • have holes or tears
  • have pet scratches
  • have pet hair or pet stains
  • have mould
  • have burn marks
  • are overall dirty and/or smelly
  • are in poor condition
Anything made of melamine (particle) board, e.g.
  • shelves
  • wardrobes
  • sideboards
  • cupboards
  • bed frames
  • etc.
Furniture that is:
  • damaged
  • paint stained
  • chipped
  • scratched
  • water damaged
  • mouldy
  • in overall poor condition

Appliances and whitegoods that:

  • have mechanical or electrical faults
  • have missing cords
  • are dirty or rusty
  • are damaged
Televisions that:
  • are older than 5 years
  • are without a remote
Dishes, glassware, crockery and cooking equipment that:
  • are dirty
  • are chipped or broken
  • are scratched
  • are damaged
Clothing, linen, quilts, shoes & handbags that:
  • are unlaundered
  • are stained
  • are soiled
  • are dirty
  • have tobacco smells
  • are ripped
  • are over worn and in poor condition
We also are unable to accept:
  • fax machines
  • printers
  • fan heaters
  • electric blankets
  • built-in ovens, stoves & dishwashers
  • filing cabinets
  • exercise bikes
  • treadmills
  • other excersice equipment
  • children's safety items such as helmets
  • motor cycle and bicycle helmets
  • children's high chairs
  • strollers
  • baby cots
  • prams
  • car seats
  • used toilet seats or potty chairs
  • incomplete puzzles or games
  • books that are moldy or have overly yellowed pages
  • work books or coloring books that are filled up or have  ripped or missing pages
  • encyclopedias
  • house hold chemicals, medicines, petrol, leaking batteries and any hazardous liquids
  • underwear
  • sleep pillows unless they are new and in un-opened packaging due to hygiene concerns
  • mattresses that are more than 5 - 10 years old or that are stained, scratched, soiled, ripped or in poor condition
  • bunk beds - or bed frames that are damaged - scratched or in poor condition
  • toys that are broken, damaged, stained, missing arms, legs or pieces
  • bicycles that have rusted

N.B. If you are unsure about the goods you want to donate, please call our Op Shops on 4784 2297