Dusting off the Winter Cobwebs

Spring is in the air with flowers and sunshine beginning to flood our senses and the change from the darker days of winter can often turn our energies to a spring clean of house and home.

At Cancer Wellness Support we see a spring clean as more about mind and body.

Thinking about new clients please know that we are still meeting new clients at both Penrith and Leura Centres so it is important if you know of someone who you believe would benefit from a Cancer Wellness Support spring clean, then we would welcome their call and happily walk them through a wellbeing path of care.

During these strange times, we might need to be more aware of who is around us and who may be in need of support because we know that lockdown locked many people away from seeking medical care resulting in later diagnosis and later beginning of treatments.

For our present clients, Spring feels like an excellent time to rethink, re-experience or test out the new, perhaps a different therapy, engage more fully with a chosen therapy, come in for a completely new package of therapies more suited to your present needs or just adopt a few different approaches, just because it’s Spring.

We know Winter can be a time when we tend to spend longer hours indoors but with the addition of COVID our indoor retreat has become more like a refuge as so many of you are immune compromised and have had to intelligently stay indoors, but there can be a cost to our overall healing journey of our mind, body and spirit.

The sense of isolation has been magnified for many of us not just because we have been separated from family and friends but also because we have been separated from certainty. Not that we have a crystal ball to define our future but in terms of COVID we don’t have any certainty of how much longer we will need to be on an amber footing.

Given the extra emotional pulls we have in our daily life then it is timely for both you and Cancer Wellness Support to take time out to ponder therapy choices and ask for some therapy guidance as to how best to step into spring.