Packaging Time – My Wellbeing Week

We know how busy life can be bouncing from medical appointments to complementary therapies then back home again to cook, clean and recover from your health busyness.

So what about thinking of packaging your week with group therapies so you can roll gently into the first part of the week and roll out invigorated at the end?

Your membership of Cancer Wellness Support opens the doors to choice, choice of a range of individual and group therapies as well as, once COVID settles, a selection of workshops to further whet your appetite for making the most appropriate and the most satisfying therapy choices.

Let’s create a dream plan for your week of packaged wellbeing.

Let’s pretend we start the week off in Leura.


  • Roll into the week with a morning of stretching and breathing of Yoga techniques.
  • Morning tea break you can take a mindfulness sitting and walking time in the garden.
  • Lunch break is an Acupuncture session all set up to help you detox from treatments and medications and at the same time soothe your nervous system.
  • And, if you experience Metastatic cancer then stay for this group to share your story.


  • Slide into the Gentle Movement Exercise group and mindfully and gently awaken the body while at the same time work your jaw. Yes, this is very much a talking and laughing group. Even though this is a gentle approach you will have the blood pumping though every part of you.
  • Break for morning cuppa then learn the art of body, mind and spirit care in the Wise Moves group. Develop your awareness of how you move, how you hold yourself still, standing and sitting, how you habitually work your body to your disadvantage and create those chronic responses.
  • Colour your Tuesday in Art Therapy. Time to find freedom in expression through a variety of mediums, time to be lost in your own thoughts, be in your own bubble and see it all in front of you in your finished piece. Most important to remember, to know, this is not about you being good at art.

Let’s pretend we choose to end our week in a Penrith kind of way.


  • A gentle focused start to the day with Mindfulness Meditation. Experiencing the benefits of a mindfulness approach to your days can be a mix of walking mindfulness and meditation time on the mats indoors. Learn the skills of breath work to lower your heart rate and create a sense of calm.
  • Lunch time is a move into Wise Moves to develop the skills of conscious movement to help you move away from the old habits which impact upon your mind, body and spirit’s freedom of movement.
  • And, for afternoon tea begin an hour of Qi Gong. Enhance your breathing, movement and connection to mind and body to give you a wellbeing skill you can take home with you to practice. If you know Tai Chi then Qi Gong comes from that ancient art.


  • Friday morning opens you up to the day and readies you for the weekend with a session of Yoga. A specialised approach is delivered to ensure all movement meets your individual needs with in a supportive social environment.
  • Art Therapy, once COVID distancing rules have lessened, you can explore your thoughts while expressing through the chosen medium on the day on how your inner thoughts and feelings are creating meaning in your day to day life.

Of course, while packaging your week through group sessions our Leura and Penrith centres, you can take a break and engage in an individual therapy such as massage, reflexology or counselling.

Remember your membership opens you to the many benefits of Cancer Wellness Support’s complementary therapies. We could say we are just like a health club or your local gym but we are more than that, we are a place of specialised care at a time when you just need that extra special attention.

Start with your membership or if you know someone who could do well to package their week with wellbeing activities then let them know.