Staying Connected

It could be safe to say that each day is a whirl of new and different information on how to manage yourself, your family and your local community while COVID-19 is dominating our lives.

What is for sure, the way we went about our daily lives has dramatically changed and we now have a new normal code of behaviour known as ‘social distancing’ and . This will be an interesting and at times, challenging way of living given that we are flock animals and we therefore like to congregate and communicate.

We know that times of uncertainty and a feeling of lack of control can lead to increased anxiety. At times like this we need to support one another openly, compassionately and remember even though this is a shared experience, each of us will experience it in our own unique way.

Most of the talk around communication is using technology. Facebook, emails, twitter, FaceTime and so the list goes on. All these are fine, if you have them. What about neighbours staying connected the old fashioned way?

  • Make a cuppa, pull up a chair and have a chat over the back fence with your neighbour.
  • Backyard gentle movement, deep breathing and meditation over the back fence.
  • Make times to garden together over the back fence.
  • Neighbourhood daily phone check ins and if you have a smart phone then face time is excellent. Seeing another’s facial expressions can help connection.
  • If you’re able to be out and about you can have a conversation through the front door.

When the colder days move in and you move indoors then book clubs and film clubs can be shared experiences. A chance to use your phone for what it was originally made for, to talk to each other. We often don’t have time to be still and learning to self-reflect can be a new experience. Find your still water time, relax and practice focused breathing and develop the skills of mindfulness meditation.

You may be the one who is able to be out and about, be the shopper, be the check in person with your neighbours and you may be able to assist them to understand their technology so they can engage in the outer world while behind closed doors.

Whilst we can’t replace the value of being out in our community engaging in in our usual relaxed face to face interaction we can build into our lives and others lives some creative ways to enable us to stay connected.