The New Journey Begins When Diagnosed With Any Form of Cancer

I have just been diagnosed, now what? At the time of diagnosis, it can feel like you are in an emotional whirlpool, being buffeted from side to side, swept along at an enormous pace with no still waters ahead to rest and consider.

So much to take in, so much to absorb, so much to fully understand, then often, no time to consider treatment options or even begin to know what to do next. What should be the next step to take?

You can hear that voice in your head trying to anchor you into some logical thinking, searching for questions that will give you a definitive answer, something clean and concise would be good, but your emotions can be running high and they can be dominating at this time.

Of course, not everyone will experience the moment of diagnosis in the same way but what we know is, there is a time lag from hearing the words to being able to fully absorb the meaning of your diagnosis.

So the first step to take is, find a cancer buddy one or even two just might do.

Your cancer buddy can play the role of your secretary, going to cancer appointments with you to take notes because history tells us that you will ‘pass so much through to the keeper’ and miss so much information but your buddy has it all written down, they hear it all. They may be the allocated person to take phone calls on your behalf, and also give updates to friends and family over email.

Whatever you feel you need then you and your cancer buddy can work that out together. Learn your treatment regime, make your appointments, decide how you will share your news and who with, state your boundaries clearly and call Cancer Wellness Support.

We meet with you so we can together create a wellbeing path for you right from the beginning of your treatment.

At this early stage your wellbeing path is mainly the mix of complementary therapies designed to suit your needs. Later when you are able to socialise more your wellbeing path may include more groups, workshops and outings with Cancer Wellness Support.

From the beginning of treatment to your post treatment years Cancer Wellness Support is able to meet your physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

'If you know someone recently diagnosed, please pass this on to them. This will be your first step of support.'