Improving the lives of people living with cancer since 2005

Receiving a cancer diagnosis may be life-changing, but the whirlwind of emotion, and medical treatments can be overwhelming.

At Cancer Wellness Support we understand and are here to offer affordable complementary therapies in a warm and inviting environment.
Our professional nurses and therapists can help you or a loved one manage symptoms, improve mental wellbeing, and connect with an understanding community.

"With the community working together, we can achieve anything."


Compassion, Care, Community

Cancer Wellness Support operates two well-equipped complementary therapy centres. Penrith Valley Wellness Centre in Warwick Street and the Robyn Yates Centre, named after the organisation’s founder, in Leura.

With over 40 fully trained nurses, counsellors and therapists, Cancer Wellness Support provides a range of subsidised therapies such as oncology massage, lymphoedema management, reflexology, expressive arts therapy, reiki, meditation as well as facilitated support groups for client members and their families/carers.

Our organisation is funded through Membership, Op Shop sales, Bequests, Fundraising Events and Sponsorship

Affordable, Ethical, Sustainable Op Shopping - As It Should Be

Have you visited one of our two flourishing Op Shops?   Katoomba in the beautiful Blue Mountains, and the other near the picturesque Nepean River in Penrith.

By shopping at our Op Shops you are actively helping us to deliver much-needed, subsidised therapies for our clients and their families. When choosing to donate your unwanted goods, your generosity supports those in the community struggling with the cost of living. We also operate using a Zero Waste Sustainability Model.

Affordable even during trying economic times, and we're proud of the quality we deliver.  Fresh stock is added weekly, so every time you visit you'll find something new and exciting!

We gratefully accept donations of goods at the op shops and can collect larger, good quality items by arrangement.


“I have been a member of Cancer Wellness Support for a while now. It’s been one of the best decisions I have made for my life’s journey which has been extremely tough in many aspects. From the time I was first made aware that there was such a place, I haven’t looked back from them till currently. I have no words to describe the endearing, valuable care & support I have constantly received from every staff member to the many therapists & educators connected to this organisation. The many members past & present I have forged heartfelt friendships with are such an amazing & beautiful experience for me. I have felt nurtured, loved, supported & cared for and for me has been, and is my go-to happy place where I feel safe & cared for. All in all, it is such a blessing to be a part of a special gift. Thank you Cancer Wellness Support, I will be forever truly grateful for your kindness.”


“I joined the support group to connect with others who have experienced cancer. I’ve met many interesting people and found support and understanding. Viv’s warmth and kindness creates a welcoming group where we can share our stories with both laughter and tears.”

Shelley Harrison (client)

“I joined the support group so I could better understand how to help my husband and to gain insight from both sides to help with the cancer journey.”

Bernadette (carer)

“Cancer Wellness Support has been an incredible support for me this year. After my diagnosis I felt anxious and confused but found no psychological support in the medical system. The staff at Cancer Wellness Support were instantly welcoming and caring, with a highly skilled team of therapists and genuinely caring support staff. The therapies on offer are wonderful and I have found them truly useful, supporting holistic health like no other place I have experienced.”

Lisa Forrest (client)

“Five years ago I returned to Katoomba after having been diagnosed with a rare abdominal cancer. It is slow growing but there is not much in the way of long term treatment. I had just had debilitating but life-saving surgery and I now faced an uncertain future. I knew about Cancer Wellness Support because my wife was a practitioner member, so Cancer Wellness Support is where I naturally went for help. I benefited greatly from massage therapy, and after working with several counselling therapists I found one who is really helping to make a difference to my outlook on life. Also importantly for my progress, Robyn steered me in the direction of lan Gawler’s workshops run locally by Cancer Wellness Support, and she later made sure that I attended the wonderful Gawler foundation live-in program in the Yarra Valley, thanks to a generous co-payment by Cancer Wellness Support.

My cancer is still with me, but after a recent series of radioactive injections it has shown the first promising signs of retreating a little. I am sure that I will need ongoing assistance from Cancer Wellness Support, but I am equally sure that Robyn and her dedicated team will continue to be there when I need them.”

David Moore (client)

“I’ll be honest – I was reluctant to join Cancer Wellness Support for a long time didn’t want to be reminded of anything to do with cancer after my diagnosis and treatment eight years ago…but I’m so glad Helen managed to persuade me to join the Art Therapy Group – the warmth, understanding and kindness I get from everyone in the group, and from everyone at Cancer Wellness Support has been wonderful support to me…I can’t wait to get there now.”

Else Lackey (client)

“We are hugely grateful to you for what you have done Cancer Wellness Support, and can’t begin to thank you enough for all your patience, wise council, good humour and support.”

Rick & Claire

“Many thanks for all your help and advice and for looking after us in the excellent way that you do without which we would be at a complete loss.”

Mr. & Mrs. T. Bournemouth