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Op Shopping & Our Circular Economy

Supporting local people, our community and our environment

Donating with Purpose: How to Make a Quality Op Shop Donation

Remember: if it's not friend worthy, it's not CWS worthy

Why Op Shopping is Good for our Planet

Affordability + sustainability = your local op shop

Joining the Ranks of Industry Giants with our Charity Recycling Accreditation

We’ve now joined the likes of Red Cross, Lifeline and many others who reuse and recycle in circularity. So, how did we do it?

Breathing New Life Through Creative Repurposing

Looking for your next upcycling project? Look no further than one of our op shops!

Strengthening Partnerships with Local Shelters, Hospitals and Corrective Services

We serve as a vital support system for those in need, using our surplus stock to create a meaningful impact.

Compassion in Action: Mama Lana’s Foundation

To support struggling families and the homeless in our community, we have been lending a hand through essential donations.