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Patient Perspectives Of Integrative Oncology In Australia

Living with cancer can be a complex journey, filled with stories of resilience, hope, and embracing a new
Evaluation of the Blue Mountains Cancer Help (BMCH) Model of Care

Hear the perspective of clients, carers and healthcare providers.

Patient Perspectives Of Integrative Oncology In Australia

Integrating T&CM with conventional treatments to promote better health outcomes for patients.

Can Psychological Treatments Improve Quality Of Life In Cancer Patients And Survivors?

This review explores the impact and analyses the overall effect of psychological treatment.

Cancer Chemoprevention And Therapy Using Chinese Herbal Medicine

This study explored the clinical evidence behind the cancer-preventive effects of Chinese herbal medicine.

Can Osteopathy Reduce Cancer-Related Pain In Older Patients?

This study investigated osteopathy and its treatment effect on pain relief and quality of life in oncology geriatric patients.

Possible Benefits Of Aromatherapy Massage For Breast Cancer Patients

This randomised controlled trial investigates ways in which aromatherapy massage may support cancer treatment.

Efficacy Of Danshen Formulae For Supporting Cancer Treatment

This review explores the benefits of Danshen formulae, which are herbal preparations used in traditional Chinese medicine, for the treatment of cancer.

Supporting Cancer Treatment Through Naturopathy And Yoga

This randomised controlled trial investigated how naturopathy and yoga might support chemotherapy for cancer.

Benefits Of Massage For Cancer-Related Fatigue (CRF)

This study evaluates the effectiveness of massage therapy for treating a debilitating consequence of cancer.

How Hypnosis May Improve The Outcomes Of Breast Cancer Surgery

This review discusses the value of hypnosis before, during and after breast cancer surgery.

Can Qigong Support Recovery From Breast Cancer Surgery?

This pilot study explores the possible benefits of Qigong for persistent post-surgical pain in breast cancer.