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Cancer wellness support

Theory of Change

Improving the quality of life and health outcomes for people living with cancer and their families

Our approach

Cancer Wellness Support is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and health outcomes for people living with cancer and their families within a compassionate and supportive community. Our person-centred approach prioritises empathy, inclusivity and affordability.

We are committed to ensuring individuals and their families and caregivers have the knowledge, coping skills and resilience they need to manage their wellbeing amidst the challenge of cancer.

Our focus encompasses all types of cancer, aiming to reduce feelings of isolation and cultivate robust social support networks and a sense of belonging.

Central to our efforts is increasing the use of and participation in complementary therapies, support groups, workshops and other activities tailored to support people along their cancer journey.

We strive to remove financial, geographic, and other barriers that hinder access to these vital complementary therapies and opportunities for social connection.

We recognise the importance of raising awareness among the general community and healthcare providers of the benefits of complementary therapies within an integrative health approach for people affected by cancer.

Our model of care is built upon participation and collaboration, facilitated by the generosity of our community. We offer a wide range of subsidised complementary therapies, counselling, support groups, retreats, workshops, and events to member clients and their families/carers.

Funding is entirely self-generated through membership fees, op-shop sales, donations, bequests, fundraising events, and sponsorships.

Together, we can make this vision a reality for people living with cancer, their carers and families living in the Blue Mountains and Nepean-Hawkesbury regions.

Our services

  • Subsidised complementary therapies: Promote physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing.
  • Counselling: Provide individual and group support for deep listening, understanding, emotional challenges and difficult decisions.
  • Support groups: Connect with others facing similar experiences, share resources, remove a sense of isolation and build meaningful relationships.
  • Retreats and workshops: Offer opportunities for learning, relaxation, and personal awareness and growth.
  • Events: Celebrate life, foster connections, raise awareness and community support.

Through our efforts, Cancer Wellness Support aims to dismantle the stigma surrounding cancer, while play an active role for people living with cancer and their families to have a welcoming and confidential place that offers support to enable them to retain a sense of control and balance whilst also giving hope in challenging circumstances.

Our values

  • Compassion: By being present = no judgement, no advice.
  • Care: Creating the time to actively listen, hear and act with kindness, respect and cultural sensitivity. Our holistic, person-centred complementary care ensures people living with cancer and their families, are provided support that is tailored to their individual and family circumstances.
  • Confidentiality: Providing a safe space that honours people’s right for privacy.
  • Respect: Acceptance through shared values. We value the unique needs and experiences of each individual.
  • Collaboration: We nurture relationships to achieve a shared purpose. Our model of care is based on participation and collaboration with other health providers, community organisations and service professionals to create a comprehensive support system.
  • Community: Working together on something bigger than ourselves. The power of community ensures we are able to deliver services and support for all who are in need, in an affordable way.
  • Innovation: We create an environment to explore, share ideas, problem solve and embrace change. We provide a wide range of individual and group therapies and workshops with services continually refined in response to demand, feedback and therapist input.

Everything we do is guided by these values as we strive to enhance the physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing of individuals and their families, living with cancer.