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Guidance for New Clients and Carers

We are with you, every step of the way.

Welcome to a different type of cancer care

If you or someone you love has cancer, we are here.

As a new member of our Cancer Wellness Support community, we aim to assist you and your family to cope more effectively with your diagnosis and to feel supported by your local community. 

Our methodology is built upon participation and collaboration. We adopt a person-centred approach with personalised experiences that are adaptable and tailored to you.

In your confidential consultation with our intake nurse, we will design a program tailored to your needs.

Your first steps in becoming a member will ensure we create a program that supports you, your family and specific circumstances. 

Our intake process is:


Client makes initial contact with Cancer Wellness Support.

This could be the client themselves or a family member / carer.


Client chats with the nurse about their current situation.

The nurse explains the assistance we can provide which may be of interest to the client, alongside their medical treatment.


Client becomes a member.

This allows them to access subsidised therapies and to receive newsletters, education and other support.

In our person-centred approach, we will identify your individual needs and match you with the right therapist. We take into consideration the type of cancer, side effects from treatment, overall health needs, and personal preferences (such as ease of attending appointments, transport issues and location of therapist). Your therapy choices may be a mixture of individual sessions, groups and workshops. These may also change over time as your sense of wellbeing changes. This personalised approach ensures you receive the care and support that best suits your needs, fostering empowerment. You can utilise our services for as long as you need – you are not limited to a maximum number of sessions or a set period of time. We understand that the journey you are embarking on is a unique and challenging one, and we are here to stand beside you every step of the way. Together, you will design a program that best meets your needs.

We’re here for every stage

We understand that the journey you are embarking on is a unique and challenging one, and we are here to stand beside you every step of the way.

I have just been diagnosed

At the time of your diagnosis, it can feel like an emotional whirlpool, with no still waters for reflection.
So, what should you consider doing first?

I am currently undergoing treatment

You may be just days or weeks into your active treatment and you likely feel overwhelmed with all of the questions swirling around in your head.
Your active treatment phase can cover both medical and complementary therapies and create a holistic approach to your healing.
Things to consider for your “new normal” life include:
  • Complementary therapies play a role in easing possible body changes from medical treatments.
  • A mix of touch therapies, exercise, and nutritional support can enhance recovery after treatment.
  • Counselling and mindful meditation provide different strategies to navigate difficult days.
  • Your individual therapist will design a personalised treatment program that best supports you.
  • Group sessions can help for connecting with others facing similar challenges and changes.

I am living with cancer

The ‘busy-ness’ of the active treatment days may have ended and the focus on your treatment regime is lessened, but often this when more questions arise about long-term effects and the secret fear of cancer recurrence.
So, what’s next?
  • Individual therapies aid in addressing physical and emotional side effects.
  • Embrace “wellness living” with dietary knowledge, meditation, and movement.
  • Join group sessions to transition from isolation to community engagement.
  • Feelings of grief, loss and trauma are common responses to the diagnosis and treatment phase. Specific therapies are designed to support you.