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A Gift of Healing: New Yoga Mats for Better Wellbeing

Deborah Shepherd, CEO of Cancer Wellness Support, and Cate Peterson, the driving force of LovEarth Yoga Mats, recently came together to share their thoughts on the powerful connections between yoga, living with cancer, and making a positive impact on our planet – one downward dog at a time.

At Cancer Wellness Support, gentle yoga is a strong component of the 27 therapies that we offer, focusing on gentle, slow-paced movements and restorative postures. Yoga is also a vital part of our lymphoedema management program, with our ‘all about lymph’ sessions offering tailored yoga techniques to enhance lymph flow, strengthen the body and support circulation.

Deborah shared her insights from last month’s National Integrative Oncology and Wellbeing in Supportive Cancer Care Symposium that she attended at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse, highlighting the evidence-based research that shows how exercise and movement can significantly aid the body in healing, absorbing, and recovering more swiftly during and after cancer treatment.

Deborah and Cate also discussed the importance of coming together for a group yoga class with others who understand what you are going through, creating a supportive community and fostering a sense of belonging and collective strength.

We are thrilled to announce that LovEarth Yoga Mats and Tonic Media Network have generously provided 36 beautiful yoga mats in a chic pale grey, gratefully received by Cancer Wellness Support. 

With each mat fully biodegradable, compostable, and focused on removing the plastic from your practice, LovEarth yoga mats symbolise the care and thoughtfulness that goes into every aspect of our services.

Some of the other highlights of Deborah and Cate’s conversation include:

  • How Cancer Wellness Support is breaking down the barriers to provide affordable and accessible yoga classes during the cancer journey or while supporting a loved one
  • The importance of looking at the ‘whole person’ and how Cancer Wellness Support customises programs and offerings directly to the person and what they need in this moment
  • LovEarth’s mission to make yoga plastic-free by creating beautiful mats from natural, fully biodegradable materials, and by upcycling old mats to eliminate carcinogens from yoga practice
  • The many positives that can come from an incredibly tough situation, including embracing every moment, cherishing time with your loved ones, and prioritising self-care.

It’s a beautiful conversation, and we encourage you to watch the full video here:

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