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Stories of Hope

Alexia Lennon – Client

In life, we often stumble upon unexpected signs that lead us down unforeseen paths. For Alexia Lennon, her journey with Cancer Wellness Support began over a decade ago when a breast lump diagnosis coincided with her relocation to the Blue Mountains. 

While driving up the picturesque hill to Katoomba, Alexia noticed a sign that piqued her curiosity – Cancer Wellness Support. 

In her initial visit, Alexia met Robyn Yates OAM, who selflessly shared her knowledge of the available evidence-based therapies and gifted Alexia a unique coffee-coloured satin bra with black lace. To this day, Alexia wears this bra to major Cancer Wellness Support events as a reminder of Robyn’s incredible support from the very beginning.

For the first few years of her journey, while following her prescribed treatment plan, Alexia participated in activities like gentle yoga to stay connected with the Cancer Wellness Support community. 

However, five years later, her world was rocked once more. During her final annual check up, she received devastating news: her cancer had returned, and this time a mastectomy was necessary. Alexia was overwhelmed, but she knew she wasn’t alone.

Around the same time, the Robyn Yates Centre in Leura opened its doors, offering a wealth of resources, qualified therapists and a supportive environment. With a fear of what the future may hold, Alexia joined a meditation class to help calm her anxiety and intrusive thoughts. 

She was also invited to attend a health and wellness weekend in North Katoomba. There, she learned from experts in dietary advice, exercise and self-care, forging connections with others who had walked similar paths.

After falling ill with double pneumonia, she struggled to regain her appetite and lost significant weight. Through a Cancer Wellness Support therapist, she was introduced to the Mindful Foodies program. Here, she learned about the science of food and received recipes that were edible for someone with no appetite. 

After her mastectomy, Alexia faced discomfort and limited mobility due to the scar across her chest. Viv Maitland, the Client Services Manager and a caring presence at Cancer Wellness Support, suggested a massage with Michael Bryant, a specialist in lymphoedema. Although Alexia did not have lymphoedema, Michael’s “magic hands” worked wonders in relieving her discomfort, a treatment she continues to receive to this day.

However, the most profound support Alexia has found is within the Cancer Wellness Support community itself. During a particularly vulnerable moment, she broke down in tears after a gentle yoga session. The arms just came out to catch her, and she realised that without the warmth and connection of Cancer Wellness Support, her life would be vastly different.

Inspired by her own journey, she has introduced five friends to Cancer Wellness Support, forming a dedicated table at fundraising events.

Living in the Blue Mountains, Alexia recognises the importance of having access to local support. For people living with cancer, the prospect of travelling to Sydney for weekly appointments can be daunting. Cancer Wellness Support bridges this gap, making vital services accessible to the community.

Alexia extends her ongoing gratitude to Robyn Yates OAM, whose vision and dedication continues to enrich the lives of many. She emphasises the importance of the centre as a place where individuals can connect and share their experiences, all while realising they are not alone.

In Alexia’s eyes, cancer is just a word, not a sentence. Her experience with Cancer Wellness Support has been nothing short of marvellous, and she wishes it was available nationwide and internationally. She envisions a world where all of her friends and family can benefit from the support and compassion that has defined her own remarkable journey.

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