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Op Shopping and our Circular Economy

Breathing New Life Through Creative Repurposing

Looking for your next upcycling project? Look no further than one of our op shops!


Repurposing, upcycling, and reusing items is all about breathing new life into old objects while reducing waste. 


If Pinterest is already your most commonly used app, you’ll know all about the hidden potential in everyday household items. For example:

  • books find new life as charming bedside tables when stacked and topped with a piece of glass or wood
  • plates can be turned into stunning artworks on a feature wall or repurposed as plant saucers. 
  • mosaics crafted from broken tiles or glass pieces create vibrant decorations for walls or tabletops
  • furniture can undergo a makeover with a fresh coat of paint or be repurposed into entirely new pieces, like transforming an old dresser into a stylish bathroom vanity
  • a vintage suitcase becomes a chic coffee table, or wooden pallets become rustic shelves.


The possibilities are endless!



At Cancer Wellness Support, treasures await in every nook and cranny of our op shops, offering a delightful array of goodies to discover. 


Beyond individual customer purchases, to ensure that we continue to decrease our impact on landfills and minimise waste disposal expenses, we’ve established several strategies:


  • Global secondhand distribution: In collaboration with Statewide Services, we extend our surplus stock to be sold as secondhand clothing or repurposed as rags on an international scale.
  • Artful repurposing: A local artisan specialises in mosaics and finds joy in creatively repurposing our chipped china into her projects, ensuring that even broken pieces find new life.
  • Crafting essentials: Many local initiatives have been forged to repurpose our received goods, be it materials made into head wraps and scarves for our wellness centres, unused wool into blankets or manchester cut and sewn into reusable shopping bags.


Come and find your next upcycling project


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