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Empowering Accessibility and Affordability for Lymphoedema Care

Did you know that lymphoedema treatments are our most requested, averaging 140 sessions monthly across both centres?

Lymphoedema is the build-up of fluid in soft body tissues when the lymph system is damaged or blocked. It is an incurable condition which becomes lifelong once it develops, resulting in long-term trauma effects for many.

After a lymphatic massage, clients often describe experiencing a significant sense of wellbeing. Treatment follows a gradual and monitored approach, with therapists continuously assessing and overseeing the process, and clients wearing compression garments and bandages as part of their care. 

Our SOZO machine offers non-invasive diagnostics and is a source of motivation and progress tracking, that is part of our program.

Our comprehensive approach for our lymphoedema clients incorporates the benefits of the evidence-based therapies of

Any physical activity is encouraged, and  can help reduce the severity of lymphoedema. Exercise may need to be modified if certain movements make symptoms worse, and it is always recommended you speak with your therapist as to what is the best approach for you and your circumstances.

In private practice, the costs can typically range from $120 to $200 per session. With accessibility and affordability underpinning our core principles, our clients pay between $35 and $45 through our collaborative approach – a combination of community fundraising, donations and sponsorships; our qualified therapists offering their specialist services at a significant reduced rate, and our clients’ annual membership.

Working with our specialised lymphoedema therapists, you will begin to understand your body, and feel empowered with actionable steps for positive change.

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