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Explore our Penrith Wellness Cabin

What do you do when you’ve outgrown your current space, yet client and carer needs continue to grow? Build a wellness cabin!

At our Penrith Wellness Centre, our commitment to providing comprehensive support for our diverse client needs often felt like solving a complex puzzle. From talk therapy to massage therapy, our Client Services team found themselves in a constant juggle, rearranging spaces and equipment to accommodate everyone effectively.

Recognising the urgent need for dedicated space for client and carer intake sessions, we needed to consider the challenges posed by our limited physical area. Expanding the centre wasn’t possible, so we needed to find a different solution. Through securing the landlord’s approval, we embarked on an innovative approach: constructing a wellness cabin nestled in our lush backyard space.

The introduction of this charming wooden cabin has marked a significant turning point for us. It exudes warmth and homeliness, instantly creating a serene and inviting atmosphere. Quickly becoming our primary talk therapy space, the cabin offers a sanctuary for counselling sessions, ensuring privacy and confidentiality for our clients.

Beyond its role in therapy sessions, the cabin has also become a welcoming haven for new clients engaging with our intake nurse, providing a personal and secure environment for their initial interactions with Cancer Wellness Support.

Our cabin has brought so much joy and increased functionality to our Penrith Wellness Centre, supporting us to improve our services and expand our nurturing environment. Have you seen it yet? 

Come and explore our Penrith Wellness Cabin

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