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Finding Purpose and Connection in Retirement through Volunteering

Robyn’s introduction to Cancer Wellness Support came through an unexpected avenue – a local line dancing class. It was here that she met Viv Maitland, the Client Services Manager, and learned about the impactful work Cancer Wellness Support was doing across the local community. 

With a background in education and supporting families through challenging and sensitive matters, Robyn saw an opportunity to bring her empathy and passion to a new cause. Inspired by Cancer Wellness Support’s purpose, she began volunteering and has now been a vital part of the community for over six years.

Robyn describes Cancer Wellness Support as a place with a lovely atmosphere, characterised by warmth, care, and friendliness. Having worked closely with the team for many years, she attests to everyone’s empathy, dedication, and passion. The diverse community of the Blue Mountains, Nepean Valley, and Hawkesbury is welcomed with open arms, ensuring that everyone feels included and supported.

In her role within Client Services, Robyn handles administration tasks, maintains the client database, conducts follow-up calls after nurse intake sessions, and ensures clients are aware of the services available to them. 

Robyn’s involvement also extends to the Client Services Advisory Committee, where she collaborates with board members, clients, volunteers, staff, and management to review and enhance the services offered by Cancer Wellness Support.

Robyn’s personal experiences with cancer have profoundly shaped her. Having lost her partner to brain cancer at the age of 44, losing her mother to cancer, and supporting her sister through recovery, she feels well-equipped to assist others. 

Volunteering runs in Robyn’s family. Both of her parents were dedicated volunteers well into their retirement, serving as role models for the vital role volunteers play across Australia. 

Inspired by their example, Robyn finds immense joy, purpose and fulfilment through volunteering. She enjoys working with the incredible staff and being able to witness the awe-inspiring work of the therapists, which benefits so many people in the local community. She loves working directly with clients and carers, providing empathy and support, and is grateful for the confidence that management has placed in her.

Robyn feels that she gains more from her volunteer work than she gives, experiencing true joy from being part of this beautiful community. Giving back to the local community and finding purpose in her retirement has been a rewarding and fulfilling experience, which she recommends to everyone.

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