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Op Shopping and our Circular Economy

Joining the Ranks of Industry Giants with our Charity Recycling Accreditation

We’ve joined the likes of Red Cross, Lifeline and many other larger organisations who reuse and recycle in circularity. So, how did we do it?


Charitable Recycling Australia champions the circular economy for a sustainable environment and an equitable society. 


After an audit of Cancer Wellness Support and how we operate our op shops, we are thrilled to be accredited under their Clothing Reuse Export Accreditation Scheme


In being part of their member network, we join the likes of Red Cross, Lifeline and many other larger and well-established organisations who reuse and recycle in circularity. 



So, how did we do it?


Our team diligently sorts through an impressive 3 tonnes of clothing each week, ensuring that items not used in-store or within our existing local charity partnerships are efficiently distributed to StateWide Services. 


Remarkably, 85% of these items are sold, 10% are repurposed, and a mere 5% end up in landfills.


None of this would be possible without community engagement and volunteer dedication. Our connection with the Blue Mountains and Nepean-Hawkesbury regions has been key, as donations from these communities continually replenish our shelves with high-quality items, enabling us to provide affordable and sustainable choices to our customers.


Many individuals touched by our work have chosen to give back by becoming volunteers, interacting with customers, offering support, and building meaningful connections. 


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