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Stories of Hope

Natasha Trotter – Therapist

For Natasha Trotter, Cancer Wellness Support is more than just a workplace – it’s a place where her expertise is paired with a profound desire to make a meaningful difference. 

As a physiotherapist specialising in lymphoedema, Natasha feels a unique difference at Cancer Wellness Support. Unlike traditional workplaces driven by financial gains or caseloads, it’s fueled by an authentic passion for community and genuine support. This resonates deeply with everyone who walks through its doors, creating an atmosphere that feels like home.

Natasha feels incredibly grateful for the world class equipment and resources that she has access to, particularly the SOZO machine, an asset she recognises she would likely not have access to in private practice. This best practice equipment enables Natasha to refine her skills and stay at the forefront of her field. 

The SOZO machine offers non-invasive diagnostics, a game-changer for clients. It’s also a source of motivation and progress tracking, and seeing the relief on her clients’ faces when they realise their treatments are on track is immensely satisfying. 

During the COVID lockdowns, Natasha’s reflections prompted her to broaden her perspective. Her experience in the local community revealed a stark reality – the scarcity of services and support for people living with cancer. She chose to specialise further in lymphoedema, recognising the dire need for accessible support in this area. This decision ultimately led her to Cancer Wellness Support.

Within Cancer Wellness Support’s welcoming embrace, Natasha also engages in holistic education and support. She guides clients through understanding their bodies, empowering them with actionable steps for positive change. Managing lymphoedema often involves addressing profound emotional challenges, particularly related to body image and self-confidence. Natasha offers a safe space for individuals to navigate these feelings, supported by individual counselling and group sessions that focus on grief, loss and trauma.

Natasha marvels at the transformative journey clients experience at Cancer Wellness Support. While many initially seek help for physical concerns, they quickly discover a holistic approach that encompasses social connection and support groups. She feels that they truly cater to people at every stage of their journey, from diagnosis to active treatment to palliative care and beyond.

Talking about the community spirit that thrives at Cancer Wellness Support, Natasha highlights the members’ dedication to giving back. With generosity in their hearts, they contribute quality items to the op shops, helping to subsidise treatments and programs for others in need. This ethos of reciprocity creates a self-sustaining circle, reflecting the collective determination to support each other.

Natasha knows that at the heart of this is Robyn Yates OAM’s visionary idea that has thrived for nearly two decades. Built on evidence-based research and bolstered by its resilience during the challenges of COVID, Cancer Wellness Support is a testament to the power of collective compassion and support. 

Natasha loves coming to Cancer Wellness Support as a daily reminder that a community of caring individuals can truly make a difference.

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