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Stories of Hope

Pam Purcell – Volunteer

For the past 15 years, Pam Purcell has woven warmth and comfort in the form of blankets into the heart of our community through her incredible dedication as a volunteer at Cancer Wellness Support. 

Pam’s unique touch lies in the meticulous assembly of these blankets. With a team of dedicated knitters, she pieces together individual squares to create these cozy masterpieces. The magic often begins at her doorstep, as generous supplies appear, thanks  to the collective effort behind each blanket. 

The sense of reward that accompanies Pam’s efforts is immeasurable. She shares how her dining table has been transformed into a workspace for blankets, with her husband often happily opting for dinner on the couch.

Pam’s dedication is driven by the cause she serves. Cancer Wellness Support directs all proceeds from the sale of these blankets towards subsidised treatments for local people living with cancer and their families. 

Pam loves the unpredictability of how each blanket will look upon completion. When asked about a particularly memorable piece, she recalls a crocheted Afghan quilt. This intricate masterpiece arrived with a touch of mystery – a 1980s edition of Woman’s Day hinting at the intentions of its creator. The original creator’s perfectionism was evident in the intricate work, even at the rug’s back. Pam discovered an abandoned section, and with care, she mended the flaw and added her finishing touches, giving the blanket new life. The result was beyond expectation, with the rug finding a new home within a mere few hours, fetching the highest selling price yet and garnering the interest of multiple eager buyers.

Walking into the Cancer Wellness Support op shops is an experience of pure joy for Pam, radiating warmth and friendliness. While visitors initially seek affordable quality clothing and treasures, they find so much more as the genuine smiles and connections shared by staff and volunteers create an atmosphere of genuine camaraderie. 

At the heart of Pam’s journey is the profound impact that Cancer Wellness Support has on the community. The organisation’s extraordinary work has kept her steadfast in her volunteer role. 

For Pam, creating a blanket is more than crafting. The knowledge that her efforts contribute to such a vital cause fuels her dedication, making every stitch a gesture of love and support.

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