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Patient Perspectives Of Integrative Oncology In Australia

Living with cancer can be a complex journey, filled with stories of resilience, hope, and embracing a new “normal” and wellbeing.

In 2018, the World Health Organisation revealed that cancer touched the lives of one in every six individuals globally. Many have seen blending traditional and complementary medicine with standard cancer treatments, often termed integrative oncology, as a way to support themselves during their cancer journey.

A recent Australian Integrative Oncology Services study, shared the experiences of people living with cancer who opted to integrate traditional and modern treatments – akin to exploring where ancient wisdom meets modern science.

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In Australia, a significant number—up to two-thirds—of people living with cancer look to embrace complementary therapies alongside their conventional treatments. Their stories, filled with highs and lows, underscore the profound importance of these approaches in their journey.

However, amid these narratives of hope, many face hurdles such as financial constraints, limited support from medical professionals, and logistical barriers in accessing these specialised services.

For certain communities, particularly those with diverse languages and cultures, the obstacles are even more pronounced.

Yet, within these challenges lies an opportunity as the voices captured in the study serve as catalysts for change. They shed light on areas where our approach to cancer care could be improved, and to pave a way for a more inclusive and supportive environment for all.

The insights offered in the study demonstrates Cancer Wellness Supports “why” – affordable cancer care for all.

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