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Taking Care of Yourself While Supporting a Loved One

Caring for someone living with cancer can be a journey filled with both incredibly gratifying moments and unimaginably challenging hurdles. 

For many, life looks completely different to what it did before. You find yourself living by the ebbs and flows of cancer and its treatments, all while still trying to balance your job, your household, and be there for your family. It’s a lot.

As a carer, it’s common to park your own emotions to the side as you pour all of your love, energy and care into the wellbeing of someone else. It’s completely normal to experience a whirlwind of emotions – worry about the future, anger about everything that has changed, guilt for feeling this way, and exhaustion from doing it all. 

Remember: you’re only human, and the weight of everything going on around you can feel overwhelming.

Self-care often falls to the very bottom of the priority list when all of your time and attention is focused on someone else.

At Cancer Wellness Support, we look at both the individual and those around them holistically as a family unit. We know that cancer causes a significant physical and emotional impact to a person and their loved ones, so we extend our support to your family and everyone involved for as long as you need.

As a carer, some wellness therapies that you may like to consider include:

Swedish (Relaxation) Massage Acupuncture Gentle Yoga Expressive Arts Therapy
Reiki Counselling Mindfulness Meditation Write, Talk, Meditate workshop


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