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Behind-The-Scenes of our Strategic Brand Review and New Website

Building upon the legacy and strengths of our existing brand, Cancer Wellness Support has been given a fresh look and feel. 

To take a step back, why did we embark on this journey? Our recent strategic brand review provided some fascinating insights from our local community. 

While the majority (61%) express a high familiarity with Cancer Wellness Support and felt a strong connection to us (54%), only a few (35%) were aware of the full range of services we offered and the crucial role of our Op Shops.

For example, did you know…

At a celebratory event on 27 March, we proudly announced the successful launch of our revitalised brand, website, and Op Shop sub-brand. 

The Western Weekender even featured us in their edition on 4 April!

Our new website seamlessly connects visitors with vital cancer support resources as well as providing comprehensive research and educational materials spotlighting how complementary therapies support people living with cancer.

Come and explore our new website


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