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Fashion to Compassion: Celebrating our Thriving Circular Economy

Did you know…

Our recent strategic brand review provided some revealing insights from our local community into our brand. 

We’ve been working on a fresh look and we’ve introduced a sub-brand for our op shops, along with an impactful activation strategy and campaign.


Op Shops Unite: Affordability, Accessibility and Sustainability 

At Cancer Wellness Support, our two op shops provide stunning pieces at a remarkably low cost, all while generating vital funds for our purpose.

Located at Katoomba and Penrith, our op shops are a thriving circular economy, providing affordable goods to our local community and reducing waste by giving quality items a second life. 

At the heart of this is that $35 spent in one of our op shops provides one complementary therapy session for a person living with cancer. 

“We offer high-quality, affordable and sustainable choices while creating a community of support where everyone benefits – from those seeking affordable items to our local community and the environment we all share.”

Gail Searle, Retail Manager

Join our #UpliftingThrifting Movement 

By purchasing enduring pieces from Cancer Wellness Support’s op shops, you actively contribute to our circular economy to benefit our people, our community and our environment. Your contribution will help support local people living with cancer and their families.

When was the latest time that you visited one of our op shops? 

Come and dabble in delightful discoveries and uncover style secrets at our Katoomba or Penrith op shops.

While you’re there, help us spread the word about your fashionable finds on your socials using our hashtag #UpliftingThrifting.


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